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Friday, May 9, 2008

Thoughts on writing challenges...

So, been thinking a lot about BIAW (next week) and the 50ks in 30 days (and NaNoWriMo come November). I start these time and again in a burst of enthusiasm which lasts, at best, around 5 days. Then it all becomes a chore. I've decided it's because I don't plan enough, even for BIAW. So I sit down to write, write like a demon until the current thought/idea runs out of steam and then... what? Usually, panic. 'I can't do this.' 'I'm fooling myself - I'm no writer.' 'How can I hope to be a full-time writer if I can't write flat out for a week.' And then, no more words.

Sooooo, am in the midst of planning for BIAW next week - aka picking ONE WIP to attack, reviewing 'the story so far' and making notes.

Am also carrying around a little exercise book with the opening line of my 50ks book - a new WIP, making notes, jotting ideas for scenes, moments and more.

We'll see it helps soon.

For anyone needing a little inspiration, I happened on this while blog surfing this morning over coffee. Have you seen that ad where one of the girls says, 'I want to come back as a towel'? Me too - pick me!

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