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Saturday, May 17, 2008

BIAW days 4 and 5 - interesting

First, this is the longest I've ever lasted in a BIAW. A major achievement. Second, I've written something every day so far - thrilled with that. I'm way behind my target, but that's ok.

What's interesting is that, knowing I really want time to write those words, everything else is much more organised. I'm right up to date with paid work - first time for weeks, nothing to be caught up over the weekend. Even got some housecleaning done Friday night. Can't remember last time I did that.

DH away all day motor racing. I'm to the RWAustralia Romance Roadshow for a little while this morning, shopping with the d-i-l, more housecleaning, today's words.

Paint me a deep shade of satisfied with things at the moment. Word count below.

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