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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The beginning...

Will be a BIAW challenge, commencing 12 May. For once, coinciding positively with my other commitments.

BIAW? Short bursts where writers, and wannabe writers fit 'real life' around writing, instead of the other way round - the usual pattern. Cook meals ahead, delegate or ignore baking, cleaning, laundry chores, and write, write, write. Sack the internal editor for the period. The aim is to get the words down. Sounds easy huh? Amazing how many things can get in the way.

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Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Tannia,
You'll enjoy BIAW it really is a great way to get into some form of writing schedule. I started by setting my goal at 500 words a day and now my goal is 1,000. Most days I can do more, but I try to make sure I get those words on paper. I also find doing challenges I’m more conscious of the fact that I don’t want to let these people down. Hate doing that, so for me it is a very good ‘get butt in seat’ incentive. LOL.

Good luck with your BIAW, hope you enjoy it.