Another step on the road to publication...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

50k day 29

So, the penultimate day. Had a reasonably productive day - more done today than in the last four. Still far from my target. I have one more day - although will be travelling some of it.

Will add any further words when I get back, but the counter shows the current state of the nation. The most I have ever written in one month. I'm happy.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

50k day 28

Well that didn't quite work. The trouble with a favourite coffee shop is the distinct possibility of running into someone you know.

Not much to report - an additional 1400ish words is all, taking me to 14,325. Would love to make 20,000 so am going for a big rush at it tomorrow while DH stands in the cold watching cars go round and round and waving flags at them.

Tomorrow might be my June 30 as we are going away on Monday. I hope to add a few more words Monday - especially if I don't make the 20k tomorrow. Whatever I do, it'll be a whole lot more than I've ever done in one month before.

Thanks my fellow challengers - you're all stars.

Friday, June 27, 2008

50k day 27

Just popping in to give myself a kick in the rear.

Have only written a few minutes here and there these last few days. Am prepared to be surprised by the word count - either way.

Off to the gym, errands, shopping for going away for a few days and more. Will take the notebook and pop into my favourite writing coffee shop for a while. Word count update later today.

Sunday DH motor racing all day - me, WRITING!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

50k days 22-24

Oh, very slow patch. Life keeps getting in the way. Having one of those times where everything conspires to fill your days all at the same time. Sigh... have written maybe 800 words in three days. Should get a couple of things out of the way today then head down for a dash to the finish, with very little hope of 50k.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

50k days 20,21

Bit slow still. Got a lot of stuff out of the way over the past few days, so hoping for a dash to the finish. What a time of year for the social life to go nuts! It's winter, people, slow down, stay home... Let me write!

Friday, June 20, 2008

50k days 16-19

Slow, slow, slow. Well, the writing. The rest of life - CRAZY. Have driven and walked all over Adelaide this week for various reasons, barely stopping long enough to jot down notes in the ever-present notebook. So three days has resulted in 1700 words. So 50,000 is looking a long way off and increasingly unlikely. However, as one of our number has proven, 40,000 words can be written over two days and I have 11 days left to write another 36,293 - cinch!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

50k days 13/14, and now 15, of 30 - UPDATE

Did it! Cracked 10,000 words. I know a number of my co-challengers have written way more words. But for me - a personal best. Happy dancing round the office.

50k days 13/14 of 30

Bitsy days. Just over 1000 words for two days. Way behind my scheduled output. Think I need a desert island to make this happen. Still, oddly, not feeling down about it. I'm doubting I'll make 50K - but you never know - that's ok though. I've made so much progress with two brand new stories, I don't mind either way.

Am constantly inspired by me 50K co-challengers and the mutual support is fantastic. Thanks galz - you rock!

Goal for the day - to hit minimum 10K for check in tonight.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

50k days 10/11/12

Like writing in molasses. Slow, slow progress. However, both stories moving forward. A host of other duties have kept me occupied yesterday and today (Thursday), but have almost completed existing paid work and have just heard that some due next week is to be postponed for a fortnight. Not good for the bank balance but excellent for the writing.

Tomorrow, as a famous heroine once said, is another day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

50k days 8/9

Very unproductive period... writing wise anyway. Home organisation, acquisition of stuff we needed, all good. Writing, not so much.

Sunday was a busy social day. Ballet followed by afternoon tea and a cabaret show in the evening. Still 279 words in notebooks between venues. Cracked 6000+ words with these.

Monday - nothing, zip, nada. Rearranging furniture, washing, garden, hardware store, more furniture... Long weekend you see, DH home and itching to 'do stuff'.

Hoping for better forward movement for day 10.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

50k days 6/7

Gosh. The first week has gone. Only 23 days left!

Interesting couple of days. Work and life have intruded heavily. To be expected I suppose but frustrating all the same.

Friday managed a sad little 148 words, but, better than zero.

Saturday was out most of the day, complete with notebook and pencil. While waiting for a lunch order and in between phone calls jotted down another 399 words. Of course, that puts me way behind the average needed to make 50k BUT I have plenty of time to plan some intensive writing time over the next 22 days and 16 hours... not that I'm counting.

Friday, June 6, 2008

50k day 5

Today was a very messy day. People coming and going, phone calls, work issues. However, in the middle of that, with 3 short sprints, I managed 893 words. Could it be that I can fit writing into my busy life? It seems I can - even in small bites...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

50K days 3 and 4/30

Doesn't time fly? Slowed down a little the last two days but now have two stories making forward progress. One, a kidnapped sister with connections to the sex slave trade, the other a female PI with claustrophobia.

849 words for day 3, 882 for day 4 - most of the latter happening in that coffee shop. It must have good writing vibes - downside, it also makes awesome pancakes...

Monday, June 2, 2008

50k 2/30

So, day 2. Have had less time available today and, therefore wrote fewer words. But not that many fewer.

Went to the local shopping centre and tucked myself in a corner of a coffee shop with alphie for an hour and clocked up over 700 words. It was a new environment, surprisingly free of abstractions. Added more later in the day.

Cumulative total: 2716 words

Sunday, June 1, 2008

50ks 1/30

Boy am I tired. DH took off for motor racing early this morning, waking me in the process. It seemed like a good idea at the time to get up and get going.

Decided to write on my Alphasmart (Alphie for short) as this provides no internet/email disctractions.

The result 1564 words for the day. Slight under what I hoped for but the last 300 odd were sweated in blood. Still, I'm not unhappy with that. It's the most I've written in one day for a very long time.

Only to begin again...

So, this is it - the big one.

Have been 'simmering' the planned story in the back of my mind all week. Sat down to start this morning and spotted some notes I had made about another possible story. Began playing with that a little and out came the words - don't know how many yet, the day's not over. So maybe I'm not writing 'Let Me Out', the original plan, maybe I'm writing 'My Sister Sue', the intruding story. Maybe I'm writing both. We'll see.

So it ends...

Not with bang but a whimper... One thing and another (excuses, excuses) I managed to add only another 243 words. BUT I now have 4047 words I did not have two weeks ago.