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Sunday, June 8, 2008

50k days 6/7

Gosh. The first week has gone. Only 23 days left!

Interesting couple of days. Work and life have intruded heavily. To be expected I suppose but frustrating all the same.

Friday managed a sad little 148 words, but, better than zero.

Saturday was out most of the day, complete with notebook and pencil. While waiting for a lunch order and in between phone calls jotted down another 399 words. Of course, that puts me way behind the average needed to make 50k BUT I have plenty of time to plan some intensive writing time over the next 22 days and 16 hours... not that I'm counting.


Sandie Hudson said...

Tannia you will be surprised just how fast you catch up to your word count. Great going for the 1st week and I hope you find heaps of time to write next week.


Barb said...

Hi Tannia. I had a shocker Friday night. I wasn't going to write anything but guilt got the better on me so I wrote 3 words. Just so I'd could actually say i'd written something. But I got pass it and am now back on track. I'm sure you will to.

Tannia said...

Thanks for the cheerleading Sandie and Barb. Not feeling down (not yet anyway) just a touch frustrated... not a single word today - but eventually decided to take the day off, do some physical work (housework, rearrange furniture etc) and come back fresh tomorrow when there's no public holiday and DH will be at work where he belongs! :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

You are doing well Tannia.
Zero has been my achievement with the last few days so get your frustration.

(LOL Barb - love the 3 words).

Tannia said...

Thanks Eleni
Sorry you're having a difficult patch. Keep plugging away. Follow Barb's lead. Wish I'd thought of writing three words yesterday and I wouldn't have the nil count for Monday. We'll get there - and if 'there' isn't 50,000, it'll be more than we have right now.