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Monday, November 10, 2008

NaNoWriMo Progress

Things are going well. I struggled a bit during the week last week. Disappointing as, according No Plot No Problem, week 1 was supposed to be productive with many words flowing. The advice was to get ahead in that week as week 2 tends to slow down.

Felt quite down by Friday and suspecting I was not going to make the 50k AGAIN! Then decided that I was not going to give in that easily.

I followed the example of the rocking RWANano girls - not topless table dancing (not yet anyway) - word sprinting. A weekend of 30 minute sprints and I went from 7790 words to 15200 in two days.

Sprinting is a great tool. The time pressure forces you to focus and firmly puts the internal editor in her box. No time for her input. Great stuff.

Current word cound 17127 - ahead of schedule by several hundred words.

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