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Monday, July 7, 2008

Still here

Well, I survived June and stayed with the challenge right through. Managed another 750 words, handwritten in pencil while travelling. So, while not 50k, June 2008 saw me write more in one month than I ever have done. So I am well pleased.

From this challenge I learned that I can just sit down at will and write for concentrated periods of time. More, I can put the internal editor into pause mode while I do it. I won't say I'm satisfied with what I've written in June - but I've written it. I've also learned how fab it is to have a supportive group of friends behind you and around you and holding you up. I predict great things for this group.

DH was on annual leave last week - when we came home there was always something to do (NOW being the male time frame for everything - except for stuff HE needs to do which is 'at some stage' - LOL) and the weekend was a crazy social whirl.

My new goal - write for three periods of 30 minutes every day. That should see me write 500-750 words a day most days. Here goes.

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